Fecha: 10/10/2019

La actividad ha sido acreditada por el Consejo Europeo de Acreditación para la Medicina Continua Educación (EACCME®) con 11 créditos europeos de CME (ECMEC®).

The Scientific Committee has defined this program selecting the latest topics in the field of Audiology and Otolaryngology. The members of the committee collaborated with colleagues from France and Spain, countries close to Italy for geography and objectives.

The faculty is international and the event will take place at a foreign destination. During the two days of scientific work, keynote lectures will alternate with presentations of clinical cases, animating the discussion between learners and speakers.

Diagnostics in ENT greatly benefits from the achievements of technology. The course focuses on the most current and avant-garde methods, to shed light on the most relevant pathologies in audiology, vestibology and phoniatrics.

Acknowledged experts will present the most modern diagnostic tests from a theoretical perspective and interactively discuss on clinical cases supporting the illustrated methods.


Albera Roberto – University of Turin, Italy

Presutti Livio – University of Modena, Italy

Quaranta Nicola Antonio Adolfo – University of Bari, Italy

Marrakech, 10-13 October 2019.

Programa científico 2019 MARRAKECH