Fecha: 25/01/2016

Understanding of the compromised airway in children and adults is extremely important and sometimes its management can be tricky.

While treating such patients, the AIRWAY SURGEON (Otorhinolaryngologists-ENT surgeons, Pediatric surgeons, Thoracic and General surgeons) requires working in close collaboration with his anesthetist and intensivist.                 
Remember – the best results in airway surgeries lie in the first operation. This can be achieved only by a professional and competent team.

The Lausanne Airway Course is designed to get the airway surgeon (Otorhinolaryngologists-ENT surgeons, Pediatric surgeons, Thoracic and General surgeons), pediatric & adult anesthetists and intensivists together on a common platform to discuss management of airway conditions like laryngomalacia, intubation injuries, congenital and acquired laryngotracheal stenosis and complex airway anomalies. Tracheotomies, non invasive methods of ventilation and difficult intubation techniques would be discussed in detail.

The course design will include didactic lectures in the field of Airway surgery, Anesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine, as well as live endoscopies. In addition, there will be hands-on training for ENT surgeons to practice airway corrective procedures on animal models and difficult airway management workshops for the anesthetists. Its only when we understand the role of each individual specialist, that we will be able to develop a team with a focused approach while treating these serious conditions.

– Didactic lectures of common interest to the Airway surgeon (Otorhinolaryngologists-ENT surgeons, Pediatric surgeons, Thoracic and General surgeons), anesthetists, pulmonologists and intensivists
– Separate lectures and round tables pertinent to each specialty
– Live airway endoscopies
– Hands-on anesthesia workshop
– Hands-on laryngotracheal reconstructive surgeries in animal model

Course language: English


Fecha: 25/01/2016 – 27/01/2016

Lugar: Lausann, Switzerland

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